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Over 300 pages, detailed ‘step by step’ techniques with images, 166 videos accompany the e-book and printed book.

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This book is a compilation of philosophy and techniques that are not taught in the basic courses of Osteopathic schools today. I had access to many  old journals, books, and video tapes of the original generation of osteopaths, discussing the techniques that they found most useful. I have also had the opportunity to spend time with some of these older osteopaths and tried to harvest their knowledge before they passed on.

Only a couple of the techniques are ones that I have developed myself. I have tried to give credit to the person who developed the original technique or altered a previous technique significantly.  Several of the older osteopaths said that they changed techniques that they had learned based on their own treatment styles and physical strengths. However, they all strictly adhered to basic osteopathic principles.

This book is not designed to be a complete book of every osteopathic technique known. It is a unique and extremely valuable compilation of effective osteopathic techniques not previously available. These techniques have as much relevance and effectiveness today as they had for patients in the past.

I have described these techniques in ‘step by step’ instructions, to help you most easily understand how to apply the techniques and what you are trying to accomplish. You will see and be provided with descriptions of ‘hand holds’ and force vectors. As long as you understand the principles upon which the techniques are based, you can adapt them to your own style and physique.

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